In honor of All Souls Day on November 1st, I reflected on my loved ones who have ascended.  Their love is eternal and transcends with affirmations that surround me daily. I also thought I would reflect on my soul. To me, my soul truly defines who I am.  It is my inner light that shines outward, my inner energy that guides me, my heavenly existence that resides in my physical body.  When someone says to you, “You got soul!,”  What attributes arise in your mind?

I hope when you think of your soul, you embrace it as the essence of who you are, revealing to the world, all that makes you HAPPY!  So often we are constrained by what others believe we should be – our parents, family, significant others, friends, and society have an impact on our belief system.  Without really being aware, we sometimes make decisions subconsciously based upon these external expectations and biases that have influenced us for so long.

Living a life concerned about others’ opinions is exhausting to one’s physical body.  Being untrue to our true self suppresses our emotional state and drains our spirit.  By living a life where you don’t express your feelings or share your true essence causes a dis-ease inside.  When we squelch who we truly are, when our spirit is not aligned with how we are meant to live our lives, our energy becomes blocked.  Blocked energy results in poor health, body pains and a feeling of unfulfillment.

I truly believe, we are all born with a purpose to enhance our world and also to evolve our souls.   We are all intuitive beings, guided by God.  We just need to find solace, embrace the quiet and open our heart to receive.  Mediate, pray, and really focus on what you want.  In time, the answers appear with synchronicities, affirmations and meeting just the right people at the right time.

I encourage you to become awakened to your potential.  Part of the word awakened, is the word need.  Our soul knows what we need and reveals to us a path when we are open. I invite you to sit quietly to really contemplate what you value.  That feeling of gratitude is the foundation for opening the positive frequency channel.  Dial into your dreams, to what excites you.  You are NEVER TO OLD TO DREAM!  Define an action plan, take daily baby steps to achieve your dreams.  Every morning awaken with thoughts of gratitude, say a prayer in Thanksgiving and focus on your dreams with an open mind.  As the famous book “The Secret” states, “It’s not up to us to know how to achieve our dream, it’s just knowing what we want.”

I have chosen to walk ahead.  I’m embracing new paths and embracing my soul-full self that has awakened. Join me in embracing your light, your ray of sunshine that is ready to brightly warm the world!

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