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I Chose Happy.Live!

With so much uncertainty in our society and fear of so many “things,” I decided to create a happy place – a place where positivity prevails. Where you can read a few words that empower you or ease your mind. Where you can buy a Happy Gift for yourself or a loved one to live Happy! And, at times raise money for a charity.

I Chose Happy! says I commit to the good, to the positive and to share that joy-filled vibe with others.

Meet SunShine

Our adorable Flying Pig mascot, SunShine, welcomes YOU! You’re smiling right? Our goal – to make you feel Happy! SunShine was brought to life by Suzanne Panchura from DragonTears Art in Greensburg.

You may notice Sunshine’s delightful wings that tie to the 1600’s saying “When Pigs Fly.” That saying implies the impossibility of something happening. However, with all her sparkle and joy, SunShine removes the IM and squeals POSSIBLE!

Feel The Vibe

Happiness is energy possessed within, created by you alone and is meant to be shared with others so positivity radiates and multiplies in the universe.

You create happiness – your own happiness – and by practicing awareness of that belief, you can protect that blissful feeling from outside negative energy.

Visit Feel The Vibe for positivity and encouragement. Connect with us and your inner self.

Share Happy!

Our I Chose Happy! Team has thoughtfully designed gifts to make you smile. When possible, we have partnered with local companies and small businesses.

Reward yourself or buy a gift for a loved one. Share HAPPY! Review our store for trendy and meaningful gifts with a thoughtful vibe.