I’m proudly introducing a new word… Paus-itivity .  Pause means “a temporary stop” according to Merriam-webster.com. The clause itivity is “a suffix used to form abstract nouns expressing state, condition, or quality“ according to dictionary.com.  So, combine these words and we have created a state of pausing!

Pausing is a great opportunity to process a situation, to choose your actions, to choose your thoughts, or to choose your words.  Pausing also gives us a chance to shift our perspective, providing us time to acknowledge our emotions and choose to see the good, the possibilities and avoid the negative spiral of the “what if gloom-filled scenario.”  Our world today is incredibly fast paced, infusing so many demands from multiple facets that we forget to simply pause.  We think we don’t have time to pause when in reality, breathing, stepping away, pausing IS the best stress management tool!

My Grandson William plays a game with us.  He shouts “pause” and you have must immediately stop what you are doing – frozen in that exact moment. Sometimes the moment is awkward, like when you’re putting a bite of food into your mouth and your jaw is hanging open LOL. He then approaches you and playfully poses your body how he wants it.  Sometimes the fork goes onto your cheek or he sticks your finger in your ear! Then he gleefully says “unpause” and we resume our original activity, but with much laughter. In those few seconds playing “pause,” the world stops. In his little game, he controls what you are doing and executes with such joy knowing you will be happier after the pause is over.  What if we were able to switch our daily perspective that a higher power is orchestrating our movements for our greater joy, for our empowering purpose or for our soul’s evolution?

What if we could we re-wire our brains to perceive the opportunities and the good in every situation?  But, how can we do that when life just seems so chaotic, negativity and fear are rampant and overwhelmed is a commonly used adjective?  It’s understandable the many demands of life can cause us to feel overwhelmed.  So, how can we overcome that feeling of too much to do and too little time?  P.A.U.S.E.

Prioritize.  What absolutely needs to be done at this given moment?  What can be placed on the calendar for a different time?  Is this deadline “for real” or simply someone wanting to exert control or power over your time?  Or their lack of planning is causing you to react.  Will the person requesting this task be flexible to allow more time?

Always ask.  Ask yourself, “Do I really want to do this?”  “Is this request of me serving my higher good?” Is the best use of my time for what I need to achieve?

Unite.  Are there other people to help? Is there someone else to share in this task and will they benefit from the experience? Delegating to others is a sign of good leadership.  Receiving help from others is a sign of strength and confidence, not a sign of weakness.

Say NO.  Two small letters, one BIG obstacle for most of us.  Saying no is a healthy way to establish boundaries. Our well-being – physical, emotional and mental health depend upon our ability to manage stress.  Being on overload does not help anyone, especially ourselves.  Remember No is a sentence.  It does not require an explanation.

Evolve.  Everything, every person has a time and place in our lives.  When you make a decision to do what you feel is best for you, it’s best for everyone. It may not seem like it at the time, but it’s the evolution of your soul.   The “no” path can also present a lesson for someone to learn – it’s an opportunity for them to grow.  To lead a fulfilled life, we must truly embrace what makes us happy to our core and allows us to operate at a high vibrational energy to attract more positivity in our life!

Pausitivity results in Positivity! By engaging in pausitivity, we allow our body and mind to make a connection to our soul.  Pausing in moments of silence nourishes our connection to God, our Source, where our intuition speaks, where healing occurs, where affirmations of our soulful path are found.

Today, I invite you to P. A. U. S. E. to appreciate and truly embrace this miraculous human experience as a soul living in the beautiful temple of our body.

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