On the eve of the birthday of my savior Jesus, I celebrate his joyful arrival and my steadfast faith with this blog.  My faith in God my Father has been a guiding force in my life, instilled by my parents and a conscious choice throughout my life.  As I was decorating for Christmas, I found this colorful hand-made Christmas decoration created by my daughter Kailey when she was around 6 years old.  I think hand-made art projects, created from the little hands and big hearts of my children, are my forever treasures! I have boxes to prove it LOL.

BELIEVE – what a powerful verb!  Believing is our innate power to accept something as truth, to have faith in the unknown.  This power is an incredible gift that affords us the opportunity to raise our happiness meter, to raise our energy level to cultivate possibility and allow positivity to thrive!

In the spirit of Christmas, let’s pause and recall the childhood feeling of believing in Santa Claus.  Really, take a few minutes to pause and delight in that memory – take a deep belly breath close your eyes and transport back in time. Oh, the thrill of chatting it up with the jolly guy in the red suit!  Feel that anticipation of sitting on his lap to whisper your wish of that one toy that would bring such joy!!! Your heart would pound waiting in line.  Maybe you were a little shy, but he would coax you to share your dream!  And, when you had the courage to speak your dream, it felt like magic.  Santa’s cheeks would glow, he would laugh that deep chuckle and would bellow a big Merry Christmas.  With a candy cane in hand and a big smile on your face, you were sent back to Mom and Dad with such delight in your heart.

Now, as an adult, let’s think about that encounter and how we can adapt that lesson …. You set the intention of your goal by voicing what you wanted.  You made a mental connection with the visual of a toy. You held a feeling of joy and gratitude in your heart of how it will feel when your dream came true Christmas morning.  These actions establish a heart-brain coherence.  While this connection is happening, your body is also releasing good hormones, that enhance your well-being. Energetically, your mind -heart coherence raises your vibrational energy out to the universe, to God,  to set in motion what you believe, what you desire.

When you combine your feelings of success, of love or well-being, (physical) sensation with the intention, what you want, believing becomes reality.  Our reality is composed of what we think, what we speak, what we feel.  What you give attention to grows stronger. It’s the natural law of attraction!  Change your thoughts to the power of believing in good and believing you are worthy of your dreams come true then you are in the high vibration energy zone to receive.

Think of the word believe – it’s like be  li`ve  (long i).  Be alive! Be authentic! Be you!  Be willing to allow God’s flow in your life!   Stop waiting for the perfect opportunity.  Stop applying conditions to your life: Oh when I have a better _____, I’ll be happier…  When my significant other does____, I’ll be happier… Only if _____ would happen.   Fill in the blank for a condition that limits you.  Live now, not for tomorrow.

Be present.  When you are simply “being” – no judgment of the past or future, you can truly savor the happiness of the moment. Anxiety occurs when too much time is spent reliving the past or anticipating a future that is not here and can not be predicted. When your mind hops on the runaway train of despair and negativity, switch tracks to the destination of positivity! The PRESENT is the best gift!   YOU own the right to be alive in your own life, making your choices and being a victor of all that is good not a victim of circumstance.  Find the blessings in each day.  Start and end your day with gratitude and feel that good in your heart!!!

Hidden in believe is the word “veil.”  As humans, as part of our survival skill, we are programmed to rehearse worse case scenarios.  This veil of negativity needs to be lifted if you want to achieve your dreams.  Train your mind to stop the bombardment of negative thoughts, which causes your body stress-which leads to illness and dis-ease.  Train your mind to see the positive outcome, to envision the good, to believe in your dreams.  This simple shift improves your mood and your health on an emotional and physical level.  Release the veil and unwrap your greatness that the world needs from y o u!

Believing is a gift that we can delight in every day!  Like Santa, God lovingly delivers our dreams, maybe not exactly on December 25th, but magically in divine time.  With child-like wonderment, I invite you to make your list of dreams (and check it twice), manifest with deep feeling from your heart, and soulfully live your life!  Shine bright like the Northern Star!!! Merry Christmas!


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