Accept. Believe. Choose. Surrender.

According to the Oxford dictionary, a challenge is “a new or difficult task that tests someone’s ability and skill.”  During our miraculous human experience on Earth, we encounter many challenges.  Sometimes, we find our challenges leave us frustrated, fearful, unfulfilled or simply overwhelmed.  When we feel an outcome is out of our control, we can spiral into a frenzy of negative beliefs that leave us feeling hopeless. 

As life flows on, we need to realize these challenges are out of our control.  Our only control is how we receive and perceive the situation. I will honestly tell you, my perspective on challenge management has contributed to my longevity.  In 2013, I was told I had 5 years to live with the diagnosis of a rare non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma – Waldentrsom’s. I have surpassed the odds with the Grace of God and a mindset of healing.  My intention is to inspire and provide you peace with the insight I have gained. So, to help us rise to our challenges and learn from them, I thought I would share my personal ABC’s of Challenge Management.


My Mom always recited the prayer of St Francis of Assisi. “God, grant me the grace to accept with serenity the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”Acceptance is fundamental in challenge management. You simply must accept whatever is your situation.  Accept your emotions that accompany your situation, accept how the challenge impacts the routine of your life, accept how change is inevitable.

You can accept the challenge or fight with it. When you accept it, there will be a flow that naturally evolves. Fighting whatever the challenge is causes discourse within your body and can lead to illness, physically, emotionally, spiritually and energetically. Move into the flow of receiving the lesson, the message, and the change instead of fighting with the circumstance. 


God says show me you believe and I will show you the way – incredibly powerful! As humans, we forget we are divine, connected to God and his infinite power.  Tap into your faith and trust all will be well.  This is a conscious deliberate choice to embrace faith.  Always center yourself back to the positive.

Human life does present sorrows, heartaches, illness and loss. Believe, that whatever the challenge, God has our best interest in heart and also the best interests of those we love.  I’ve read several books on Near Death Experiences (NDE). Although I am not an expert on this subject, everyone who returns to their physical bodies says Heaven is our home. And, if we knew the beauty, peace and unconditional love as spirit beings, we would abandon our earthly bodies.  Living in the human experience is a gift of exploration and revelation until we return to Heaven. Be open to the flow that challenges bring.

When we truly believe the challenges of life are for the evolution of our souls, for the evolution of our loved one’s souls, we can better accept the challenge. We can find some calm in the storm of chaos, abandon fear and believe.  Believe to me, also means, “Be Live.” FEEL. LOVE.  BE HAPPY!!!  Embrace the simple joys that living brings us EVERYDAY! Evolve into who you are truly meant to be. 


Some people believe they don’t have a choice in their situation. It’s too hopeless, it’s too overwhelming, it’s too painful… We all have the power to choose differently.  Eliminate the excuses and the negativity.  Only you can choose the way you want to feel and act.  You own the power of how to interact with your circumstance.  Choose to be grateful, positive, curious and happy. 

There was a cancer patient who shifted her perspective from gloom to gratitude.  Everyday she listed all she had to be thankful for instead of focusing on her prognosis. She cried tears of joy, instead of tears of sorrow.  Her choice to see the positive helped in her recovery.  The vibration of high energy feelings like gratitude, positivity and happiness increases your body’s immune response.  Even your soul’s light shines brighter allowing you to receive more good.

Choice matters – choose your thoughts, words and actions carefully so they emit a high vibration.  Our cells pick up on the frequency.  The Universe picks up on our frequency – like a radio wave.  Emit the frequency of the outcome you want to achieve. Feel it.  Embrace it.  Don’t just recite words of affirmation. LIVE IN THE REALITY YOU DESIRE. 

As I’ve walked my journey with blood cancer, I have embraced these ABC’s. I know my choices matter.  I choose my thoughts, words and actions carefully so they emit a high vibration.  My cells pick up on this frequency and become in tune with vitality and love of my personal reality. 

I became obsessed with the HEAL documentary – a must watch for everyone whether you are healthy or evolving from an illness. A guest speaker was Dr. Joe Dispenza, a leader in epigenetics and quantum physics.  As I was listening to his meditation he said, “Instead of asking God to be healed, thank him for your healing.”  That was a pivotal shift for me.  My mantra became. “I am Whole. I am Healthy. I am Healed.” Professing and feeling your positive affirmations aligns your frequency to receive your intention. 

Believe it or not, the challenges and triumphs we experience are a vibrational match to the energy, the frequency we emit.  As an Energy Codes Coach, certified by Dr. Sue Morter,  she taught us that when you “Change your energy, you change your life!”  Create an environment of positivity and watch your internal and external world change. 


There’s that little “s” after the apostrophe in ABC’s, but the little “s” is a BIG action.  Surrender.  Surrender to y o u.  Make time to be calm, to connect to the Holy Spirit, to be quiet.  Listen to your soul, listen to nature…there’s so much to hear and learn.  Surrender to God.   Know that God is the all-knowing architect, constructing the perfect path for you.  Entrust Him with your miraculous human life and your exquisite soulful self.  He KNOWS.  Surrender your fears.  Surrender the what ifs. Surrender control.  Trust in Him.  Be open to receive His heavenly signs that will appear to affirm your path. Know that worry ends where faith begins.

As a toddler confidently, fearlessly and lovingly leaps with abandonment from the top of a slide, into the arms of his loving Father may we, as grown children of God: Accept the divinely guided path we walk…Believe He will catch us and Choose to see the abundance of blessings that He provides for us every day!  Surrender to the magical, empowering evolution of y o u!

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