What is resilience?  Resilience to me, means to cultivate an attitude of survivorship, to find a different perspective in adversity and to quickly bounce back.  Do we all have capacity to be resilient?  ABSOLUTELY!  Find your affirmations and blessings in the simple pleasures to begin sprouting resiliency.

These gorgeous violets unexpectedly grew for the first time between our patio bricks in April 2016.  To me, this image is a beautiful testament of Resilience.  I believe they were a sign (affirmation) from my Mom who ascended in January 2015.  Several months after my Mom passed, I visited a medium who said that my Mom would affirm her presence to me in my flowers.  Mom knew how much I love to garden and would connect with me in nature.

I believe these heaven-sent flowers, pushing through adverse conditions, were truly a message from my Mom.  I immediately thought how resilient these dainty violets were to grow in little soil, bloom so beautifully and survive with the snow!

Then, the thought of faith entered my mind – although I can no longer see my Mom, I know in my heart she remains and watches over us.  I also thought of hope.  Hope for a renewed perspective – learning to live my life without her, while embracing and honoring all she taught me with her words and example.  Lastly, I thought of love.  Love is truly what remains after a loved one passes.  Love abided in my Mom’s soul.  Everything she did exuberated love.  My memories of her mere presence are a treasured gift.  Love transcends time and space.

Dissecting the word Resilience, I found hidden the words RISE, SILENCE SEE and I.  RISING is the fundamental attribute of being resilient.  Rise from adversity, from fear, from the unknown. Rise above the past, let go of whatever was or was not, rise above the uncertainty of tomorrow. Day by day the sun will rise with us. You have the power to envision and manifest a bright future.

SILENCE is also part of resilience.  Silence meaning to quiet our mind, quiet the doubt, listen with our heart and pray with our being.  In silence, find inner peace to appreciate who we are and reflect on what we may want to become.

Lastly, SEE the blessings of TODAY, that’s why it’s called the PRESENT.  Begin a healthy habit of seeing the abundance of blessings in each day.  Be grateful.  Use positive words.  Think positive thoughts. Feel positive.  It’s the law of attraction –  what you feel, you attract.

“I” is also found in Resilience.  Self-reliance is important to achieve resilience. Believing in yourself is a must to achieve success – however you define success.  Valuing who we are is a necessity to be the best person we can.  Realizing, no one can make you happy – happiness comes from within.

Fortunately, I was blessed with two great parents who taught me the power of unconditional love, faith in God and confidence in myself – great life lessons.   I was nurtured with resilience, experienced the rewards of rising above and now by example, I want to inspire others.

I believe resilience is a seed in each of us waiting for the opportunity to sprout.   During this time of such uncertainty, we all need to cultivate resilience.  SILENCE our fears…SEE the positive…RISE above.

With God’s grace, may we blossom to brighten the world!


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