As we celebrate Easter, we reflect on the sacrifice Jesus made for all of us to live eternally. What does the cross mean to you?  For me, the cross is a symbol of rebirth, unconditional love and a connection to my soul.

This mosaic cross was created from my family’s 1950’s china.  Many treasured memories surrounded the china that was beautifully displayed in our dining room.  Delicious food was served with love to celebrate birthdays and holidays.  I took several pieces from storage and created a cross for my sister, daughters and grandson – a treasured keepsake.  My cross hangs in my office as a reminder of Jesus’ love and divine guidance in my life.

The cross and Jesus’ sacrifice deliver us a chance for Rebirth every day! We have the power to rethink who we are; to change our negative thoughts to positive thoughts;  to set new goals and establish the mindset to achieve them!  Happiness and the life we truly want is within our reach.  Seize the beauty and blessings in each day!  Happiness is a state of being.  It is not a future-created experience –  it’s bliss in the present moment. Happiness is not the purchase of a material possession – although achieving a goal for a new handbag or car is awesome.  It’s the feeling of achievement that causes happiness.  Happiness is not waiting for that perfect someone to come along – it’s grounded in self-love.  Embrace the blessings in the present. Banish “If only I had….”

Let go of what was – that’s the past.  Don’t relive what was wrong. Focus on what is right now. Your past does not define your today or tomorrow.  Envision the life you want!  I highly suggest watching the documentary The Secret or reading the book. The premise is to create a vision board of what you want to achieve. Literally, you create “poster” with images of personal goals, words that inspire you or places you want to travel. Review your board everyday day and manifest your goals.  You will be amazed with the feeling of positivity as you envision your goals. In time, you will receive affirmations on your journey.  Remember, the goal is to know WHAT you want – the universe will accomplish the HOW.  The Secret is a must read!

Shift your mindset to finding the positive in current circumstances.  COVID has affected each of us differently. I respect and understand each experience is different.  But, I also know, that COVID is an opportunity to rethink y o u.  Learn something new.  Start that hobby.  Organize your photos and document older relatives for future generations. Write a letter like in “the good ol’ days.”  When you look back on this time nestled indoors, you can say “WOW I did that!” Emerge as a more whole y o u!  If you spend your time binge watching TV, your experience will be the same. However, if you choose to watch programs or read books to enlighten your mind, body and spirit, you will blossom. 

Opportunity is found in adversity when we change our perspective!!!!  Spring into new ideas!  New experiences create new lessons that are all part of our soul’s journey.  Although at times learning can be painful and the purpose of the lesson is so unclear, there is a greater plan… a teaching for our soul, for the protection of others or to help others. This Easter, may your heart be full of the unconditional love of Jesus and the faith to know you are divinely guided.  Choose happy – the gifts from God are all around you!

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