Today May 5th,  I celebrate my Mom’s heavenly birthday and honor her by announcing my website sale of  our book Twenty Won – a best seller on Amazon!  She has been with me as I composed my story sending affirmations along the way to reinforce my path.  My Mom graced the world with her beauty, charm, selfless heart and the ability to make everyone feel special.  She possessed the remarkable ability to turn the most ordinary tasks into something extraordinary.  How did she so effortlessly manage this? My Mom did everything with love in her heart.  She was passionate about her family, committed to the restaurant she owned with my Dad and exemplified what it meant to care about others, both humans and animals.  My Mom owned who she was and taught my sister and I the same value.

My Mom’s positive influence resonates in my chapter I CHOSE HAPPY!  Her life lessons to always find the positive, smile, and have faith remain with me.  Those same lessons I share with my daughters and will instill in my grandson.  Our anthology shares those simple values combined with the resilience of 21 businesswomen, pivoting in 2020, both personally and in business to achieve success.  Each story has an inspiring lesson that can be applied to many facets of our lives.

When my dear friend Kelli asked me to contribute a chapter, I was filled with gratitude and  immediately replied YES! What an incredible opportunity to share my life experiences and insights to help others!  I thought about the word WON in our book title– a powerful word full of achievement and positivity.

Rearrange the letters and wow two more words appear – NOW and OWN. NOW is an empowering word –  to take action, to seize the opportunities presented, to be decisive… a few fundamentals of success. Also living in the NOW, the moment, the present, is a mindful way of reducing stress.  No need to “future predict” or allow the ego to begin the “what if” fearful path.  Embrace NOW – take that action, even a baby step, to achieve your dreams and truly be present to embrace this beautiful gift of life.

OWN is another empowering word. Used as an adjective pronoun or verb, those three letters have a common, impactful theme that “it” belongs to you.  Whatever that “it” may be, realize “it,” embrace “it” and grow from “it.”  As I have learned, owning who you are is so important to happiness, inner peace and success.

As you read Twenty Won, you will  learn of my path to owning “it” along with 20 other amazing women!  I am honored to accompany them in this inspirational endeavor. With my heart full of love and happiness, I share TWENTY WON with all of you.

Whatever your dreams, your feelings, your intuition, start truly living NOW!   OWN “it!”    You too can exclaim,  “I have WON!”  Own Twenty Won!

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