So.. BIG month for me – it’s my Birth Month!  Another 365 days have past, so blessed to travel around the sun!  For the past few years, I celebrate my Birth Month instead of just one Birth Day! Actually, every day is a cause for celebration with all we have to be thankful for right?  I must say that I extend a few indulgences throughout ALL of September – just for me and all about me.  My party has already started – just sayin:)!

When my parents were here on Earth, I would call them on my birthday and thank them for having me!  I was so grateful they decided to have another child since my sister was NINE years old when I made my debut!  My Mom was 39 and my Dad was 37.  Over the years, they said I kept them young!  With my gregarious personality and activity-driven life during high school and college, I certainly added a lot of excitement to their lives along with a few sleepless nights LOL.

Fun fact – the 2021 calendar mirrors my birth year calendar of 1965!  Pretty cool I think. So, I entered the physical world at 2:21 am on Friday, September 17!  This year, my birthday also falls on a Friday-long weekend for me!  I’m kind of a numerology geek and have found the number 26 has followed me so often in my life…26 is the sum of the digits in my birth date (9 + 17).  Crazy tidbit, my sister was born on September 26, 1956. The year 56 is the opposite of my birth year 65. The sum of her birth date 26  (9 + 2 + 6) equals 17 my birth date.  Interesting too that my life path number under the Virgo sign is 11 – the sum of my birth year and my sister’s birth year (6 + 5)!  This month, I will be blessed to be 56 years old, my sister’s birth year.  And she is turning 65 my birth year! SUPER FUN! Anyone else out there with a cool numerology connection?

Another numerological connection is our Mom ascended on January 11th and our Dad on May 26th – both guiding numbers in my life.  My Grandson was born in the 11th hour. His parents were engaged on the 11th.  This guiding number 11 means I possess strong intuition and faith, which have served me well in my personal and professional life.  I’m not quite sure what all these numerology connections mean exactly, but I truly feel there is a spiritual message.

This year, as a Mother’s Day gift, my beautiful Goddaughter Alysa, created my natal chart.  A natal chart shares where the planets were placed when you were born relative to your geographic location.  The significance of the planets’ placement reveals insight about your personality characteristics.  Her analysis solidified attributes I know about myself, like family is the foundation of all I do, spirituality is very important to me and friendships are so valuable.   The Virgo sun reveals I’m focused, detail-oriented, others-oriented and am an expert communicator – reinforcing my business choices.  Gemini rules “my house” – which coincidentally was my Dad’s astrological sign. Also June is Gemini month, the month I launched my marketing company in 1996! Gemini also gives me my playful, bubbly, energetic traits – just like my Dad’s fun personality.

Ruled by my birth planets, I have a different way of viewing things which reinforces my perpetual positive outlook, resiliency, ability to change perspectives and creatively find solutions.   Alysa also shared that I actually stay calm by always having goals, making plans and helping others.  Helping others is actually a way of helping myself!  She provided amazing insight and affirmations, because helping others is the reason I launched I Chose Happy!

Ok, so how does all of my Birthday mumbo jumbo relate to y o u?  Well, have some fun this month and see if you can find common number patterns in your life. There are affirmations to be seen and insights to be gathered.  When you are “open” the numbers will stand out to you. They will appear on a license plate, the clock, in your dreams or on a page. They are signs from above to offer encouragement or direction.  For example, whenever I feel a little anxious about something or am trying to make a decision, the number 26 will appear to affirm my path. Be open, believe.  Our spirit guides and guardian angels are here to help us achieve our true, soulful purpose. You can learn about the meaning of numbers online too at a variety of angel number websites.

Originally, September was the 7th month of the year – Latin term Septem (7).  The number 7 is considered to be one of the luckiest numbers, contrary to societal beliefs.  Symbolically, September is a transition month. Universal energies shift in September affording us a great opportunity to refocus or realign our energies, embark on our dreams and realize who we truly are.  Embrace the positive energies of this mystical month. Be mindful, breathe and pause to express gratitude.  Find your “something” to celebrate every day!

In closing, to me, birthdays are a celebration of counting the days on this beautiful Earth.  But, life is immeasurable for we are an abundance of energy filled with everlasting love for infinity.

Ok, last fun “number”, my hair measures 23 in length, the longest my hair has ever been my entire life… This wild Virgo is living! Counting my blessings, until we connect again…

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