I’m thrilled to launch I Chose Happy.Live on November 24, 2020, the same day my parents married in 1955! What a way to honor Dorothy and Tony and celebrate them as amazing people and great parents.

I give thanks for my past, for all they taught me and the journey that brought me here. My parents were raised in humble beginnings. Because of their experiences, they taught me the value of hard work, appreciation of what you have, staying positive always, and enjoying life’s rewards that money can’t buy.

I’ve made a conscious effort to always be thankful and praising God for the little things, like the flowers blooming one more time in my garden up to big events like acquiring a contract to provide for my family. I remember when my girls were little and we would pray at night, we would offer prayers for those in need and I would tell them to offer praise to God for the good in our lives. In their world, it was the ice cream truck came that day. Teaching gratitude at an early age or learning it at any point, is a wise lesson to a fulfilled life.

Although Thanksgiving may be celebrated differently, but the values of love, faith and gratitude prevail. Make it a memorable day of starting a different tradition, baking something new, pulling out old family photos or videos, finding the beauty that’s alive if we only look.

As the holiday approaches, remember gratitude creates an attitude of awareness of all that’s good which will make you HAPPY! Thank YOU for visiting and let’s connect soon.

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