In February, we kick off the month celebrating Groundhog Day. During Covid, life sometimes feels like the Bill Murray movie where every day seems the same. Yikes!  Personally, I celebrate my youngest daughter’s birthday which is such a joy and a bright blessing.  And, we all know the most famous February holiday, Valentine’s Day.  The day when hearts celebrate that they found their way through the universe to that uniquely special someone. 


So, how is the frequency of love emitted by one person, received by another?  How is that of all the possibilities, the beat of these two hearts decided to join in unison?  How is the web of love created?  This web intertwines with all the lives and energies we touch, like the love of our parents, partner, children, friends, even strangers, animals and nature. 


I believe, this universal connection is called entanglement. Entanglement is a complex quantum theory for which I am not an expert. However, I am intrigued with the fundamental premise that energy lives in all of us and connects all of us. We exist because of each other and for each other.


Coincidences are heavenly touches for opportunity, for an affirmation or for direction.  These coincidences, I believe are derived by the events, people and places that are entangled.  As examples, your chance meeting in an elevator that leads you to a path of love…your late arrival to a luncheon that results in a new business deal…taking the last seat at bar where you meet a new friend.  Or, receiving an affirmation from your ascended loved one by frequently seeing their birthdate appear in random places…hearing a song that perks your spirits when you’re feeling a little down…receiving a sign that’s meaningful to reassure you’re making the right decision.  Welcome , don’t dismiss these heavenly touches that guide you.


Tangled in the highs and lows of our lives are people and experiences that deliver an emotional range from extreme happiness to deep sadness.  So, why are these people on my path? Why did these experiences occur?  I believe they are all connected to our life’s purpose.  Our hearts need to be opened to the lessons we’re supposed to learn for fulfillment of our soul’s journey, to help others and to improve our own lives.


Some people greatly impact our lives, evoking such monumental change that I call them Life Forces.  These Life Forces can change the direction of your life, they may change how you perceive yourself; they provide insight into who you truly are.  Life Forces can be part of your life for a short time, a time when you really needed someone, or accompany you throughout your life. If you pause now, I bet you can name several Life Forces.  A universal connection brought you together for the betterment of each other as persons in today’s world or fulfilling your soul’s need from a previous life.


As we connect with those we love this Valentine’s Day, near or far, think about the path that brought you together.  Celebrate your memories and plan for time together.  A phone call or FaceTime goes a long way in exchanging great energy!


Through your thoughts and actions, emit the frequencies of positivity, love, and gratitude.  Then, embrace the abundance of divine blessings that will surely flow to you.


Choose Happy!

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