Wishing my family, friends and followers a Happy Valentine’s Day filled with blissful moments, reflections of gratitude and of course all that makes you HAPPY!

As I reflect with gratitude on my healing journey, I recall Valentine’s Day, February 14th, 2019.  My day was filled with much uncertainty but was guided by God for my good and the good of others.  That Valentine’s Day was bone marrow biopsy day.  I canceled my first biopsy, scheduled weeks earlier, because the medical facility would not allow extra marrow to be provided for research for my rare blood cancer Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia.  This lack of collaboration was not how I envisioned my treatment path, so up the chain of command I went until I received the needed approval.

When the facility offered Valentine’s Day for the procedure date, I thought…Wow, what a divine sign that all will be well – such a special day that love is celebrated and so much positivity is being shared.  No doubt, God had his hand in partnering me with the most skilled physician who retrieved enough sampling for diagnostic testing and research purposes!  After the procedure, I even boxed up my own sample for shipping to the research hospital in Boston and personally delivered it to FedEx. I was not allowing anything to happen to my “gift to others.”  Focusing on others somehow helped me become stronger during that procedure and deep down, I lovingly knew it was the right path.

When we shift the focus from ourselves and extend kindness or “do good” for others, there is a physiological reaction within our bodies. These reactions positively impact our cardiovascular system, immune system, and mental health.  The giver experiences more resilience, an enhanced sense of well-being and purpose along with reducing stress.

Loving others is important, but so is self-love.  Self-love has been touted as the greatest love of all. I’ve learned that truly loving me has allowed me to connect with my soul and with my true purpose.  Self-love allows us to freely discover what we truly want, letting go of what no longer serves us and forgiving ourselves.  Self-love is setting healthy boundaries.  Saying “no” is not selfish it’s a way to protect our energy,  to allow time for ourselves.

Creating the space for self-love means making time to be alone, to reflect, and to disengage from all the noise around us.  Connect with what you want; if not, what you don’t want will take over.  Take the steps to love y o u and be the creator of this beautiful gift of life.  Unsure of what you want?  Quiet your mind, your doubts, your fears and allow yourself to dream!  Always dream!  Dreams are irrelevant of age! We are always evolving, always growing.

Envision your dreams, feel what it would be like to achieve them. Hold onto that feeling as you visualize your dreams becoming a reality. You are building your circuitry inside to connect with the positive vibrational frequency outside your body.  It’s the universal law of attraction.  Embrace love and unlimited possibilities!

Find the good!  It’s always there!  Journal every day three things that make you happy, that you love. Then, first thing before you even get out of bed, recite out loud I AM GRATEFUL FOR… This simple practice allows gratitude to be emitted which exudes positivity and then you attract more positivity! Positive vibrations attract love!!

Open your heart and feel the love flow in you and all around.

Choose to love freely!  Choose you!  Choose Happy!

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