Anyone else out there feel June was THE fastest month of 2021?  Well, for me, it was a compilation of  milestones and memories.  June is a special month for me. The month my Grandfather was born, June 10, 1900.  The day my dad was born June 10, 1929.  And, I just learned June 10th was the day my GREAT Grandfather died.  Interesting alignment of life events.

I wanted to honor them with a post on June 10, but other commitments pulled me in a different direction.  So, I honor them today on the 28th – add 2 plus 8 you get 10 – just sayin’.

My Dad, Anthony Nicholas Bernardo and my Mom Dorothy, owned a family restaurant in McKeesport, PA called Bernardo’s. Patrons were treated as family and their home-cooked meals were loved by generations!  As the steel mills declined, their restaurant even outlived a national burger chain that closed a few doors away.  I was blessed with two incredible role models who loved their career and worked as a team to be a success.  Their admirable values and incredible work ethic were instilled in me, affording me the foundation for a successful life.  I am forever grateful for their love on earth and the affirmations from heaven.

June 1, 2021, I celebrated the 25th anniversary of owning my marketing company, Marakae Marketing.  I embarked on my own to embrace motherhood while enjoying a rewarding career. Owning a business takes a lot of courage, perseverance and resilience.  Lessons my Dad taught me.  Under the guidance of my “Gemini Men,” I know they have provided me with nudges and gut feelings that have influenced my decisions over the decades.

I love the photo I picked for this blog.  I found it as I was sorting through some old boxes.   My Dad was celebrating my one year birthday! That was quite the cake! He was 38 and such a proud Dad!  We were very close. I remember loving to dance on his feet.  He was always my cheerleader and believed in me.

Also, while sorting through treasured memories, I found a beautiful typed letter from Father John Matthew, the priest that spoke at my Dad’s funeral.

“He was really a good family man.  If all the people were as Tony was this world would be a happy world to live in.  He did his duty as a father, husband, brother and neighbor very, very well.  He was well prepared to meet His maker and in Whom he placed his trust and faith  He is safe in the hands of God.  He will from Heaven pray for us so that we will have the same Faith and LOVE which he abundantly had for God and his fellowman.   I was very impressed by the love which all the people who attended the funeral expressed. Tony gave a lot of love and he received a lot of love.”

May your life be filled with much love too.  My Dad lived a fulfilled life that aligned with what he valued. Prioritize what you value. Embrace the life you truly want to live.  May you be enlightened with your soul’s purpose and have the courage to make it happen.  Take your leap of faith and believe all is possible!

Cheers to 25 years and counting,





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