Brick by brick means to build something in a steady, step-by-step fashion. I admire the talents of a skilled craftsman to envision the brick wall, plan it, and build it. When built correctly, the wall can withstand time and harsh conditions, lasting for centuries. Are we built the same way?

My personal answer is YES! Yes, we are built to withstand the trials life presents to us. With a solid foundation constructed of love, faith, gratitude and resiliency, we can overcome obstacles. Look at where we are now – living history during a pandemic. Think about how we have crafted a new mindset to thrive during this harsh time.

We have adapted with virtual calls, visits with masks and curbside pickups. I believe we have really evaluated what matters most to us. We have grown in faith and being present in the moment with more gratitude. And, some of us have reinvented ourselves.

The pandemic can feel like a wall, blocking us from our freedom. Freedom to simply be with those we love, to travel, to shop, to be in a classroom or to enjoy a happy hour that is not via Zoom!! In finding the positive strength that comes from this wall, I believe we have a greater sense of what we truly value and what we want for ourselves. I believe there is a greater awareness of truly appreciating time, not taking any moment or anyone for granted.

I encourage everyone not to wish this time away because by doing so we are wishing away our lives. Time cannot be restored. Living is NOW. Choose ways to embrace the present with something that inspires y o u! Dive into a home improvement project or simply get organized. Read a great self-improvement book, create a craft, find someone to mentor, stay connected. I guarantee with a little daily self-discipline and willingness to reach out you will be fulfilled!

In 1918, my maternal Grandmother Mary survived the Spanish flu. Her husband John was a coal miner in Homestead, PA. He died from the flu when she was 8 months pregnant and was raising three other children. She was left alone, but adapted by taking in a boarder, washing clothes and cleaning houses. Living conditions were poor and at times there was not enough food. However, her faith and resiliency dominated and they all prospered.

Forward to almost 100 years later, her resiliency lives in my genetic code! I am adapting to COVID. For my marketing business, it’s been challenging because one of my primary revenue sources is event management. Event management also supports other service areas like graphic design and print services along with logo products and apparel to compliment the event. However, this void allowed my agency to pivot and apply our creativity to online virtual workshops that will reach many more people, than the live events could have. On a personal level, this additional time afforded me the opportunity to bring to life I Chose Happy! Which, I hope will cause a rippling effect of positivity.

As the craftsman of your wall, what will your bricks be made of? Please allow me to lay the foundation with the kickoff of “Thought-full Thursday.” Every Thursday, dedicate your entire day to good thoughts only! Cast aside worries of the unknown – live in the moment. Take on the I CAN attitude. Embrace only goodness and push away fear and negativity.

Pass along that positive vibe by doing a “thought-full” deed. Simply send a text to someone you love, mail a card to an older person or pay for a stranger’s coffee. Any act is welcomed and is guaranteed to spread happiness. POST YOUR “THOUGHT-FULL deed” on the I Chose Happy FB page!

Smile and always Choose Happy! You will stand strong.

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