Springing forward to longer days of sunlight, we revel in the joy of rebirth and anticipate the playful days of summer.  This change in time, also provides an opportunity to reflect and celebrate the meaning of time.

Time is quite a fascinating subject that is defined differently depending upon the operational, physics, quantum, or religious perspective.   To me, time is a non-renewable resource that needs to be wisely allocated and highly treasured.  We need to realize the power of time and harness it for energizing our well-being, delighting in happiness, inspiring others, and making a difference with our soul’s purpose.

Time is such a simple four-letter word, yet there’s depth in the hidden words.  Let’s rearrange the letters for thought-provoking exploration – affording us insights into allocating this valuable resource:

Shake up the letters and I see the word “ITEM.” We all like to treat ourselves to an “item,” a reward for a job well done, a designer watch, a vacation home, or even a new car.  Wonderful, worldly gifts, but do we pay a price?  Anyone who personally knows me, knows I’m a trendy fashionista. I do enjoy purchasing an item (or two). I choose to buy what personally makes me happy and what I can afford. However, some people live with debt as a price to keep up with a lifestyle façade, extravagant buying habits or the unfulfilled need to always have more. That monetary stress and comparison to others can take a toll on our emotional and physical well-being.   So choosing to work more to purchase another item, is that how you want to allocate time?  What personal fulfillment is forgone by spending more time at work for an “item?”  Possessions are fleeting, living our soul’s purpose is timeless.

Rearrange the letters again and “I MET” evolves.  I met my family for dinner, I met my old friend for happy hour, or I met a new friend at a party.  How does “I Met” make you feel? I bet you feel light, happy, and grateful.  I Met means we are choosing to share our love, thoughts, wisdom, and experiences with another.  You can even say I Met Me – allocating time to journal our gifts of gratitude, to manifest our dreams, or to simply meditate in quiet.  I Met provides us the opportunity to make time even more powerful by creating a ripple effect of kindness and support.  I Met has everlasting value.

Lastly, I look at TIME once more and hidden I find the word “I’M,” a contraction for the words I am.  In my opinion, I AM are the two of the most powerful words in our language.  I AM affirms who we are and helps us set intentions for personal evolution.  It has been proven that consistently repeating, “I AM” followed by positive words causes a shift in our thought process, causing our vibrational frequency to engage on a higher level which attracts more positivity.  Changing our energy, changes our lives which changes the lives of others.

Every day, spend five minutes verbalizing the positive feelings you want to evoke or whatever mindshift you want to occur.  For example, say aloud:  I AM Worthy.  I AM Enough.  I AM Grateful.  I AM Abundant.  I AM Smart.  I AM Energetic.  I AM Loved.  I AM Healed.  Online are calming and inviting videos to guide you. Make time to engage with the process.  We are what we think and what we think we become.  So, if you are looking for change, a new course, a revelation, I encourage you to allocate time to YOU – to intentionally shift your thoughts and behaviors, which will change your life.  Allot valuable time to doing what YOU LOVE!  Become aware of time wasters.  Learn to say NO to…. (fill in the blank). So, you can say YES to… (fill in the blank). Do not allow into your energy field “Should have…,” “Could have…,” “Would have…”!   YOU CAN RIGHT NOW!  You own the power of managing your time.

From our beginning, God has bestowed on us tremendous worth. Now is the time that we uncover our true selves buried underneath the trappings of the past, conditionings of society and limiting beliefs. Along my healing journey, there were obstacles I had to overcome both emotionally and physically.   I knew the power of my thoughts to heal and the power of belief.  I AM the creator of my life, not a victim of circumstance.  I believe my illness directed me to my soul-full adventure with I Chose Happy!

I choose to celebrate every day!  For me, I AM present, which is the best place to be in time.   Cheers!

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